Addison Burnet Group, Inc. 
Transportation Solutions in an Electronic World

All Electronic Toll  (AET) Program Management.  Intelligent Transportation Systems solutions.  We manage your program to a successful outcome.

Addison Burnet Group manages express lane and other AET programs for public sector agencies. 


  • Write procurement document packages, including all technical requirements and special provisions. 
  • Help public agencies select a good contractor and we manage that contractor through system development, design, deployment, commissioning and operations.  
  • Write comprehensive operations plans, test plans, deployment plans and transition plans. 
  • Conduct feasibility studies so that strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions can be quantified. 
  • Evaluate tradeoffs, including the capital and operating costs of ETC and ITS systems over a program's life, and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and record system success.    

Design-Build Teams  Addison Burnet Group participates on design-build teams to create high speed tolling solutions.  Much of our work in express lanes is deeply integrated with design-build teams. 

Our People  We have a strong network of colleagues and associates throughout the Americas and can assist with feasibility, systems engineering, procurement and program management in urban and rural environments.

Benefits: Improved Mobility, Safety, Environment      
For more information, please contact :

Addison Burnet Group, Inc.         
Ramon Grijalva, President            310-748-1138

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